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Chatterbox Georges - While I work on the power lines.
Poor Boys - Rags to riches and back again?
Poor Boys - Near Death Experience.
Low Mileage Georges - 12 miles in 7 years.
Low Mileage Georges - 6 Hits In Illinois Since 2005
G-String Georges - Tootsie's Strip Club in Miami
G-String Georges - Tampa's Mons Venus Strip Club
G-String Georges - Salt Lake City Stripper
G-String Georges - Incoherent Florida Stripper
G-String Georges - L.A. Strip Club DJ

Funny Stuff
Entries that Keep Us Laughing
Ice money. Male-on-male companionship. WhereIsGeorge is BS-I'll betch Even worst enemies need gum READ A BOOK!
Ol' Wooden Teeth is Hungry! Yes. You get one dollar. Bye, George. helluva car Tooth Fairy Exists--Hard Evidence
Washing Bills From Gross To Classy My hopes are thwarted Look what crawled into the party! Hold Her Steady
The end of Winnie SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE... A "corny" bill Ate a cricket You gotta love this crowd!!!
Well, DUH! He's not my uncle! George goes to the emergency room. That sucker's gonna pop! This bill stinks!
Probably Collectable George gets the last laugh Who wrinkled my dollar? WE DONT NO EITHER. Tooth Fairy is -very- generous.
Tell us how you really feel! This is why I use waterproof ink! What this guy does to my bills! God just dropped money from heaven Now THAT'S odd!
...not the "bad" positive "Sold" Brain to Science What do you expect from Mex food?!? George reaches his climax. George serves multiple websites??
Georgers need facelift surgery? Why not buy him some ex-lax? Natural circulation... Why not ask him out?? Yo ho ho! It's the Georgin' Pirate
Stinky George Ironic 711 Bill Rip van George?? I don't usually "rank&quo Gotta be clean by now! 4 times?!?!
hanke - panke? obvious gambling problem ... Aging George eaten by worms What? Did Huggy Bear enter this? Giving 100% at work
Is that Chechen or chicken? George keeps on ringing ... What? Never saw an orange Tom? Long Island is filthy Boyfriend not listening to you?
I wonder why A Most Unusual Birth George only has male friends ... Bald men tip well. more ironic than funny ...
The Shrinking Dollar Lives! Are We Talking About A Vehicle? Abe is naughty George, you frisky devil! Did Shakespeare Find This Bill?
Yes As A Matter Of Fact... George Visits Another Quik Trip George is lonely Cool boss! Yo' Momma!
Grand total: $5.05 How do you recognize that? Er, that's what we asked *you* George helps a man discover himself Young and smooth, I work on a PC
And you thought Bozo was original? Inflation, schminflation. Yeah, Mom's pretty smooth, actually Thanks for the report, Gramps! As evidenced by your entry here.
Twyla Tharp and Barishnokoff? You traded her for just a DOLLAR?? Georges stalker!! Where's Fred? Before or after you were done??
This must be Italian sarcasm. Mike Tyson's bill! Good use of similies here. George goes to the dogs! :) Wow, REALLY???
*That's* where my Big Mac went Then how did you know to come here? Kathleen's Oxymoron. I think you just did... The "special" ingredient is...?
Georging sheep!! Could be a case of the DT's Uncle Charlie is the Tooth Fairy! Oops... wrong bottle again. Burger King says "You're Welcome!"
And then the Quaaludes kicked in... When ya gotta go... The password is: "George" Like winning the Revolutionary War? Banana-fana-Fofita!!
Well, George *is* a hottie. Schizo Georging!! Yep, a Haunted Corn Maze... Unlucky George Wait till you start paying taxes!
Yo Quiero George?? The Never Ending Story Continues... A.K.A. - Wealthy Poodle Well, *I* think I'm beautiful. Word, G.
And you think your day was bad?? Going Soft... I promise, it wasn't me! Well.. does he? Frankenstein enjoyed his lunch
How many women have told me this... You can only really rent it anyway Matt Drudge checks in A Streetcar named George He always has that look,BlankieBoy!
Cause he banks at Loony National So, what's up?? Yeah, that's the same one... Is this *your* kids teacher? Well, you do, apparently.
Spinoff of "Everyone loves Ray" That lack of zeroes is a clue. Some sort of Zen Word Problem?? Gee, have I heard that one yet? Things You'd Yell at Bozo.
The sad effect of Public School How about my shirts too? Mr. High Roller - Low Tipper You guys ate a cat? I woulda opted for the G-string
Your waiter, "Johnny Tightlips" Ooo! I'm telling Mrs. Sambrano Wanna know what I can do for $50? Both of whom were gone in the AM Limbaugh? Geddy Lee?
AKA - his new house. I asked - they all said "sure!" Er... as opposed too...? Maybe you should get a new friend. Yeah, well just wait for sex ed!!
Nothing wrong with that Abe's still beautiful on the inside Some kind of euphamism?? Yeah, adults do that too. And all I got was this lousy bill!
Maybe you should just get a job Insert sound of whip cracking here I'm worried. We heard you the first time!!! I do "speak" Spanish...
Yea, we get that a lot here. I hope that's pizza sauce! Is out of state shipping included? Where's Tyrone? We can't believe it either...
My wife has both those outfits ;) George is innocent!! I knew it!! That Amish look is in And he'll win every time! Won the duel, but not on the $10!
Why not just use two hands? Wait.. what was the question?? Wow.. that *is* a graveyard shift! You don't know where it's been! George survives a poker game
So you're saying you're bored? Of those choices, I'll take "dirt" Um, ok... "Hell Yah." And how exactly can you tell?? And yet oddly, we *are* jealous
Dollar dispenser in the toilet?? I prefer the "Original" recipe Run, George, Run!!!! Today's prize - one dollar! Is *that* who that is???
A fishy ATM hit. Yes, you won! Prize: One Dollar!! Ike Turner's other bill. Sounds like me !!! = ) Blame it on the Tequilla!
George's lips are sealed! Went to town, riding on a pony. They make forks for that... The procedure only cost $1 ?? I'll pass, but thanks.
No. But you get to keep the $100!! It also tends to get stinky. Just a House-Husband "Um, yeah is your fridge running?" You mean milk, right?
Ike Turner's new bill. Home of the "Evil Lunch" Your Narrator, George Washington. Abe goes dancing! Or swimming? "Eat at SVBGH"!!
Doh! It could've had 4 hits by now! But he passed out, missed his stop! Does anyone else smell Astro-Glide? I didn't know they sold those! Andy makes a new pal!
First name: Wiener. George feels better now... What does "special" mean in Chinese Vacuum George? The bill or the pizza?
At least he's Spot Free! George envy? ...give cheese a chance... The Critic One Lucky Buck!
We don't be tokkin southern heah. And I can spell it too: Taxidermist Nature calls, and mom is loved! Gee.. we all like you though... From pansies to panties..
Let's find a more quiet saloon... Please Don't Drink and George Start with a "Healthy" breakfast! That's me!!! Not George !!! Abe's head is huge!
Wild and Crazy...and Wet George drinks?? How bad does it stink? Please send more money, thanks Creepy website
Weird Westy 3 Hitter College Fun and Marshmallows Sexy George Thanks for clarifying that for us.. It's All In The Family
Guess They Both Have Wrinkles... Get this woman some chocolate! Perhaps a little too excited... Abe Wipes Out Money saving ideas
Oh dear...Bubba and his brother! George doesn't smell too good A tale of lust--in a user note! Andy on a date with two hotties Holding MONEY for ransom??
What did you just call me? A Real Jekyll & Hyde He Who Hesitates ... Studly Jackson Does that come with Sum Yung Gai?
Everyone's a comedian. Duh Watch What You Eat... My Mama??? McDonalds and Strippers. uuuhhh
No drunk hitchhikers ever again! Bought Me Nothing But Trouble Dedicated to the one I love Fishy story Ice Cream Man insulted
Burrito Loanshark releases George Please send more money No more hits for this Tom This Bill Really Delivered! Generous... Not Quite.
Zing went the strings George goes to a happy place... Tom obeys fish & game laws Canned Squid I see George People...
George Saves a Life Healthy George He's Snow Blind Too much time The Hillary Clinton Special
Lost and Found
Have you seen my Georges?
Milan, MINNESOTA Started with hard times, got LOST Pleeeeease! Just Go Away! Found in a Johnstown John! A Slight Case of Amnesia
Airplane Bathroom Occupied george or the pocket? Washed up in the rain! Left in an Empty Office Really found where he says, I bet!
Does Klinger "Drive" in a skirt? Wash and Spend! Strip bar to abandoned office! Hope the dog is OK! Such a dilemma - Better "Blog" it!
You found it where???? Found on the Ground Will Susan find it? Found in a strange place I doubt Osama has a George account
Fits the category. Found in the Dirt This bill found in CO...someplace.. Dry Bill Need Some A1 with that Bill?
In a rabbit warren Well, how DOES it look now? Thanks for specifying! This bill was better off lost I get no respect.
How about $599,000 change back? A guy's gotta go, doesn't he? Can it be spent in Heaven? 52 times? Let's go walk in the Park!
Lost at O'Hare airport Found in a handbag full of... Lost and found in Canada On the Sidewalks of New York
Detailed Descriptions
George is in the details - Here are the deliberately detailed descriptions we've seen!
lets, zip, weather, date no duhhh! Party Animal George Innocents Abroad Dead critters bill
Fire cracker dude This one has a DRINK RECIPE Good Riddance! George needs a trim Could be 3 Bill Report Categories!
Magic circus act! This Boss is a Flasher! Subtle, like you want it Handy arrows gets job done
Secret Places
Hits on Hidden Bills
Calico Sweat Lodge George Bill concealed in 3 locations Store stash Wives do not do this ...Do they?! VERY long trip to end up at...
The Count lives here Pirates' Treasure at the Library Quite a trip but quite a mystery... One Bond and a Mata Hari please... Is this YOUR kid ???
A little bit of privacy please! Why would anyone look here? In a book that made its way north Sexy...DNA?? Oh my! Couch Potato
Hidden in a Book
Criminal Intent
George Has the Right to Remain Silent
Druggie evicted Cocaine and Monica Lewinsky Cocaine and Monica Lewinsky Theft, to beer cart, to church It all ends up in TRUE CRIME BOOKS
Two rowdy drunk guys arrested Fled North Dakota, jailed in Alaska Mekong Machinations This isn't Sesame Street. George goes to the local jail
Proof that money is wasted Spent to buy 10 pounds of weed Payment for sex - with a cop? Some people just ain't right! DHS/TSA Agent Buys Coke
Out of pocket expense? George is helping people get high. Jacked it? Drug money! Beer to go, and a drug deal!
Bloody George A Fin for a Nickel Bag just another dumb driver George does time in Jail! America's Booming Economy
Thai, anyone? that amazing drug? not for him It sure wasn't where *I* spent From Grandma then Got Stoned Nobody wants to see your butt!
Lunch = Weed? First offense you get Death penalty Serial Killer? It's not a problem for a Georger A "fedral offense"
Weed deal George The jig is up! We COULD send a postal inspector... Did she or didn't she? "profitable" non-taxable
Roberts? Go to jail. Do not pass go... Well, let us know if you do. Defacement is bad, but smack is ok! Twenty singles also work.
Buying cocaine. Expanding one's Mind Matt gets burgled! George has information to give up No Slurpees were harmed.
We also took his candy. Martha Stewart's revenge!! Casey Jones crack dealer dollars Stolen Bush Magnet
Wow, does he KNOW the lingo! Yo, what the shizzle?? Leave Michael Jackson alone! George visits the nasal passages. Better than an actual crack
I used to do that with Pepsi. George in the pokey. Good Jamaican in Jamaica? I am not going to lie to you... I got it in a drug deal
Part of a narcotics transaction Up His Nose... Is George Looking for a Nickel Bag? Dude, my George is in Humboldt... Kidnapped! (by bad spellers!)
Beat Up the Drug Dealer? Cheap Drugs? Should save your $$.. People just don't get it!! From Shoney's to jail... Drunk Sailors Beware!
George is Held Hostage for an Abe! Jailed after obedience school George went to jail... Underage Drinking Never trust a Georger!
The Evils of Panhandling George got lit! Gone to jail in stinky pockets! A Texas Outlaw Strikes It's my story and I'm stickin to it
3am at Metro PD in DC Damn. . .a dime bag for a dollar? Snoop Doggy Georgavizzle Who pays with ones?!? Couldn't She Keep the Change?
Slight Memory Problem Dead Drug Addicts, Dead Presidents George killed my dog Jailhouse George You have to buy socks in jail
George is under Investigation! Long arm of the law Busted! Right From My House! George was Kidnapped!
Religious Experience
Tracking the Reverent Georges
Judgement day. May 21st, 2011. Bible Thumper Wycliffe Bible Translators. The Cult of George God will wait a week
Did it for the money Food and Football: Praise the Lord! Right behind Jonah George of the Saints George visits the Catholic Church
A warning to the demon possesed. ...I just play one on stage. Show me holy Schwarzenegger! The Modern Pantheon Christian itinerary
Indians bring back old gods? A very "Saintly" George Who's next -John, Paul, or Geo Religious Experience to Criminality The Hippies go to church!
Darn... I NEEDED a Heaven hit! I didn't know he had a wallet. A Saint of a bill George does a good deed and eats. Church Dover
God loves Georgers! Naked George gets religion George on a mission Found in collection (not stolen!) Convert for the Church of George?
In a Collection Plate A church collection plate bill Could it be...Satan? Making the Church richer From my Stamp to God's Ears...
Naked Georges
George Gets Around
Lap danced George - handsfree lift! Lovin those dancers. Boss's girls are *very friendl Long trip to end up at. Booze and Naked Chicks
free advertising tipping the customer? XXX George at the gay bar At the Gentleman's Club!!! This one's a DOUBLE
Nodak strippers work HARD from a strip club... Them tollbooth guys sure are dirty! Singles from an ATM? ..there? Maybe she's a part-time farmer
She did what? Disgruntled George goes to topless bar Cheap price. Cheap price. This Lincoln knows his stuff
Katherine's Dirty Money Oops, you dropped something... He had some self control! Leave it to Beaver(ton)... Hubby's "Business" Tip
George missed out on the fun From strip club to church in 5 days Naked AND rumpled Naked George goes out and gets beer George works up a sweat
First Co-Op Peepshow Kind of a Drag... LeatherMaster George The town's name says it all! Change from a Colts fan???
Danica the Naked Georger Strip for Candy Wives need it too... I guess His day job must be painting... Peaches, Beer, and Mixed Messages
THAT'S what I call willpower! Bill Report from a Pimp?? Have a Coke and a smile I guess the nose knows... Hard to believe? Not for us.
Grorgr finds himsrlf a stripprr... Fun tonight, bent tomorrow... A selfless and generous donation! This bill smelled nice George daughter & direct hit
Wild Stamping Dancer Hits My Note Was he a Chippendale? Diamond Dolls I'm Ashamed! Dude, is that your mom?
Strip Club! En route to a stripper Received from a stripper Entered by a Stripper
G-String Georges
Lies and the Lying Liars that Tell Them...!
Tootsie's Strip Club in Miami Tampa's Mons Venus Strip Club Salt Lake City Stripper Incoherent Florida Stripper L.A. Strip Club DJ
Miami Strip Club Mons Venus Strip Club in Tampa Camelot Strip Club in D.C. George entry by San Fran Stripper I wasn't me! Ladies only for m
bill note where will he go? The Girl Gave HIM This This Guy's Been Busy (Don't Ask) From "south of town" to G
Think Big Found in girlfriend's thong Found in cleavage! George is helping spread H.I.V. I hear George visits exotic dancers
I hear george gets drunk at the bar Earning an honest living right time, THONG place Just doing an honest day's wor A dirty, naked, natural George.
Yeah, sure you did, big boy.... Naked George of a different sort Hot customer!! Training the Next Generation Nice Juggs?
Happy Halloween George! George's Girlfriend Gets Around Friend of George, not of the girls. Sibling Revelry? I'm guessing you're Steve
George is gonna get down and dirty! You almost got lucky, George The usual comment, heard it before. That's probably good advice From Rush's mouth to your thong!
Strippers, Sister, Sniffing & Coke Gawd I love Mertyl! Hairy, Vito, Pet Store! & Naked All the info, plus a recommendation George was on 8 mile!
Stringing Along
Surviving the Shredder
George Escapes the Ultimate Fate
Saved after a long journey! Made it out of the casino! Escaped from the ATM As luck would have it-it survived! The Big Wallet in the sky
Lincoln avoids getting shredded. George was going off to jail. Sneaked out with the gang! A Quiet Escape from the Bank George Bond Escapes The ATM
Tom pulled from certain peril Don't Shred Me Yet! Survived a stint in Fleet Bank If we Cross our Fingers, maybe... Escaped the bank for a fourth hit
In and Out of the Bank! $2 Bill Flees Bank in Michigan! Bank Escapee George Escaped from a bank in Hampstead NH Rescued from mutilation
Another daring rescue for George!! 4 hits & started out worn Burned Abe..quick escape! Taped and crooked Abe Andy Escaped the ATM Twice!
This New Ben Escapes the Bank! Bank Escape from Angry Teller! Rescued in Rescue, CA...... Another George Sneaks Away Pizza Andy escapes the bank
Trying to avoid its fate George has been told goodbye but... I left my George, in San Francisco Andy escapes 3 times from the bank! George escapes due to disguise
It's Just So Hard to Burn a George Removed from Circulation Today In the Mutilated Money Pile Deleted from Existence Getting my own back from the bank!
Bank Hopper John Deere Green Rescued from the Andy Escapes from a Bank! Drugged & Shredded
There are George Bashers amongst us...
good except.... To make you ask why. caught by the boss HIGHLY illegal felony Tom Obliterated
The Texas Martinet 500 bills? Crazy! Bank disses WG You soiled my currency! Not me.
Don't bet on it! Excellent except... Useful Idiot 4 Quarters Make a Dollar Who gives permission to deface?
Those Foreign Spoilsports! Crap! Crap! Whaddaya mean crap! For Emotional Trauma? So crazy I had to join right in! Citizen's Arrest!
Dirty Money Ugly kid george It's in our best interests... A Frustrated Georger Yea, it is kinda hard to do this
Must you insult me? Looks like its last hurrah for real You can track your children, too! Delicately Defaced! New Yawker George
What did we ever do to you? No value at all? Am I the only one??? New to "horrible" in 24 days Don't hold 'u' breath!
We'll see about THAT! Guess you have this "knid" I'd bet you're real fun at a party! burnout loser in TN In George's power - don't
I Don't Write... I Stamp! Slept for 2.5 years, then shredded. Not if I were a Bank Teller! Abe-Haters!!! Mr. Sunshine!
To annoy people like yourself. Carrollton Dawg's gets busted! And yet, you're participating. Spoilers make the Eater Bunny sad! The Anti-Spoilsport??
Shuffling off this mortal coil??? And thanks for wasting ours! Word, Homey. Without which, you wouldn't be Thanks for the hit though...
Mike, they're on to you. Well, yeah.. that's the idea!! Farewell, poor George!! :( Tell them Hank says "Hi!" Farewell, Geroge.
What a weenie. Oh no, here I am again...:) Money Heaven Good Bill; Bad Handwriting Lookin' for some Dirt Bags
You Jerks It can't be that bad... Leave George alone! Y2K--The end is near! Covered in Graffiti
Hey, who you callin' ugly!? She's the Secret Service, ya know Good, except... Get over it! I See Deface on DeMoney
Sicko! I love this country
Captive Georges
We've got him, and we're keeping him!
Tooth Fairy gives, piggy bank gets Banished to the piggy bank 10 month hiatus stolen from "THE SISTER" Hmmm....20 minutes/mile...
100th birthday I could have walked this far faster He is never going to spend it. Found it in a car I repoed George In Jail (ND Bites)
Lunch Line George Because it's BUY NOTHING DAY Running for his life, CAPTURED! from Kirkland Washington Kirkland Washington
Now, Now Hahahahahha! (deviously uttered...) Jebeldo McBiggels Serial Keeper 3 Serial Keeper 2
Serial Keeper 1 He's cute and I'm keeping HORDER !!!!! From Honolulu to Baghdad George releases someone from JAIL
Never Ever Ever? You have 24 hours to comply! NW doesn't allow tippers! Pinned up against the wall Did you gamble your english away?
Hangin' at the Beachside Bar Two Years in a Drawer emergency bill Going to the evidence locker Over 4 years asleep
Another state within a state Captive in Texas A little more than 2 years slept What was the holdup? Hmm...painted what color?
Sicily to England? Abe's journey ends prematurely Purpose = defeated Oh No! Let it Go! Hanging out in Belgium
Where nobody will ever see it again Maybe, but he *hates* to fly!! Never say Never. Or until he gets thirsty. Sec of State's prisoner exchange
House arrest, but still Captive! My Nashville Souvenir Sorry America... Dreaming of America...
George Loves Bank Tellers
And some Bank Tellers Love George too!
Shouldn't the student be a Geo Chatterbox Teller George postive tellers! These tellers got the MOTHERLODE George's been to the bank
from Newport Oregon I've fallen for a Teller Bank2Bank From the Vault Another Bank Teller We Love!
Not a Downer for this escapee! Came over with 649 buddies! This $20 caught the teller's eye! Alex is outta this bank! This Alex Escaped the Bank Twice!
Bank of America Closet Georger! Escape from 1000 miles away... Saved From the Vault Georgette?? Going East for Xmas No bank robbery just a nice cashier
In the face of trouble, keep cool! Citizens Bank is George-Friendly Not a George Basher
Poor Boys
Old Bills Never Die... They Just Cash In!
Rags to riches and back again? Near Death Experience. Check Account Scraping Bottom Second hand underwear Man, can, a plan
From brie cheese to the SCRAPYARD One bill saves two butts "America's rural ghetto&q How fitting! La Poort
Ratty Ratty Spared his life No money left!!! Sorry!!! Off to the plastic surgeon... ...or just through hell....
Pepsi, please. Yep. Definitely Flimp. But maybe not as unhappy now... Downtrodden George takes a Bath! The worst bill ever
Enthusiastic!!! Georgers!!!
It doesn't get BETTER than THIS!!!
WHOOP WHOOOOPP GEORGE WASHINGTON ! Helping Tom stay neat Calling all Nerds Shopping spree Left his georgestamp for a TIP!
Hope you have more!!! Patriotic George-God Bless America The Enchanted City! (Yep...) Thank you Dedicated anon Georger! Peace? OK. Grease? OK. biatches?!?
George will multiply like a rabbit Reefer 'Hide the Kids' Madness Man! 3 in a week! Can you feel the love? Isn't that lovely? Mmmm?
Now That's The Spirit Beautiful Abe Um, you supplying the cows? Sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G He sent her to France
Its just a five dollar bill! Smooth and Full Bodied! Hank likes my 4th of July special!! They Like Me! They Really Like Me! You hear that? I'm awesome!
Chelsea finds her 3rd George! Woohoo! $2.50! We're glad you liked it. Curb your enthusiasm. We wish you luck!
Quick! Before the moment passes! ¿!¿!¿!¿ 1/136th of Good Luck anyway! 4) THANKS! Set George freeeeeee
George finds a friend Awesome! I love you guys! I'm having so much fun!!! I like it!!
...testament to human unity... Can that really be holy? Wheee!!! George Drinks Lemonade But maybe not better than third...
Coolistic! Wow!!! The ultimate compliment
Hungry Georges
They eat pizza, they eat subs, they're Hungry gang! Hungry Georges!
Food is the drug of choice $5 buys a meal George Loves "Big Boy" Bacon-Cheeseburgers Lunch, breakfast, then PIZZA
Pizza, then tacos Ate twice AND a food ritual So hungry he ate twice A Sweet Tooth for Sure! Apologies to the server!
NY to OH via Uno Chicago Grill Seems to like to be spent for food Ice cream trucks are evil? He likes them sandwiches Burger, burger...vegan?
Pizza, pizza. Zion, Zion!! Fiesta El La Taco Bell 10 second rule: Tasted good? Three entries...three restaurants! It's Mexican food again!
George likes barbeque. food! Nice doggie Dinner order - yuck ... never enough Chinese ...
You're Welcome More turkey please? George Loves Mexican Food Burger clerk hungrier than thou? Where Strippers Eat the Next Day?
Okay, it's a Pizza George... Junk Food George
Java Georges
Those Coffee-Loving Java-Jive Georges all get to Starbucks eventually...
It's a Perfect Day! Be Here Now A long way for a cuppa joe Billy Dee's WG Experience... Down Under
SBUX INDY NY fix Higher Grounds Regretting the Joe He didn't get a donut??
Having a Cup or Two Java Loading! That 6 hour Coffee Buzz... From the Starbucks right near Apple Starbucks direct hit
Let's hope it's espresso! I'm at a loss for words here. There's no place like home Geez...My Georges love java Hook 'em horns! UT, Austin
Starbucks Austin, TX Starbucks Houston, TX The Gainesville Texas Starbucks Two Coffee Shops (one a Starbucks!) Coffee anyone?
Utterly Unoriginal
We've heard 'em before... No doubt we'll hear 'em again!
You don't say! Got it...somewheres "It's a dollar" Do hookers even HAVE change? George Gets Juiced
Wanted: Dead or Alive How long has it been treading water George didn't do it! George *really* needs a bath! Dropped in toilet,but I washed it
That's expensive toilet paper. Been there, Read that. Don't Bother Good thing I use waterproof ink! These people sure have a fetish
Here there and everywhere My, she really gets around! Again with that One-Legged stuff... Hope they were clean... Is -every- bill found in a toilet?
Beer Flush?
Famous Georges
Now appearing in prominent places
A bill sent in homage Tony Dungy and Joseph Addai - NOT! Autographed by Teller Well, he's SOON to be famous, From Star Wars to State Dept.
Went to the George Convention! Which Bill do you mean? George is Rockin' Grateful George "Ridin' that Train" This George will become ART!
Well, famous if you never sleep... Kid knows his history I doubt it... (Not about the juice) George, meet George. (No smoking!) Trying not to be recognized
Limo Driver to the Stars Could it be...Saddam? Probably not. National Park George Wonder if Jennifer Aniston knows... George at deepest lake in the US
George Runs NY Marathon w/ P Diddy In DC, headed to visit GWB? Alex visits his buddies in SD Listen to Ahhnald Wonder if he dribbled his dinner...
I'm going to be famous Quite a Dashing George He wants you to know he's famous! Yep, it's me Watching over the Booze
Politically Speaking
If nominated I will not run. If elected I will not spend.
Republican Math? Carter was president Ralph Nader rocks Escaped the rural ghetto but... North Dakota is doing BADLY
Four more years, heaven help us The OTHER George Peacenik George goes to war George devastates George Deadly Union Busting Town of Song
Sad in 3rd World America Darn straight! Please, tell us how you really feel George is smaller after taxes George Kerry?
Just like most politicians. Dick Cheyney enters a bill??? Could they -do- that? George is okay, but... Haiku? Well almost. But not quite.
Peace Action George Abe on two wheels Smoke 'em if you got 'em Bill Bradley Bill Winning one voter at a time
Way too much ash dumping.
G.I. Georges
George Fights for Freedom!
Picking Trash, Afghanistan "Morale" Outing For Georg R&R For George No Santa Sighted In Afghanistan Shopping In Afghanistan
Home From Afghanistan On Leave George Is There For New Uniforms George Is In Military Paradise! Saw Rockets Fired In Afghanistan Krygyzstan To Kuwait
Bouncing Around Afghanistan What Is Left Of Guard Tower 6 From "south of town" to G But no purple heart Quantico
Cross Country The Long Way 434th Air Refueling Wing Serving our Country in Iraq From Germany to Iraq: OEF 1 GeorgeShops in Iraq
First Vacation for This Soldier Protest George Wounded in Action George Goes Home Iraq Poker Game And we're glad you're both back!
Fast Track to Iraq: 2,195 MPD! Today's Secret Mission: Tampax Quietly Guarding the Coast! NATO Headquarters! Camp Anaconda - Iraq
Joint Endeavor Saddam's Presidential Palace
Well-Traveled Georges
Around the World in 80 days...or so
1168 miles in 28 Days. 1137 miles in seven days. The Arab Emirate of Qatar! Run for the Border! Dream a little dream...
Djibouti, Africa. Copenhagen, Denmark. From Coast to Coast. All the way down the East Coast. From Manhattan to South California.
To Hawaii and back Patriotic George buying beer? My first hit in Australia McMurdo Station, Antarctica HI to AR to OK
Indy to CA via Netherlands Antilles George travelled 4,000 miles. Backtrack X 2 - Bisected Map Line KS to Korea To Louisianna Kansas to Missouri via Samoa
Bouncing Around like The Flash 86 Miles in 5 1/2 Years 31,000+ miles! 5 days NY to Annapolis to Australia My first 6-Hitter ILx3 KSx2 M0x1
Coast to coast and back Wisconsin Luvs WG!! 5301 Miles in 31 days/4 Entries Ohio - Hawaii - New Zealand Coming Back Home From Amsterdam!
3 entries...3 colors...3 countries Coast to coast in one day! 1027 miles in 1 day! Beat that... California sleeper. Purty Jessica visits Russia!
I hope that Five is alright... 1,031 miles per day to Pago Pago! Fidel's Parisian Adventure! George hits the road! Japan and Back - 10,000+ Miles
4780 miles Tell Putin we said "Hi!" That's a *fast* George! Delaware to SF to OZ!! Wow! All that way for some *paper* ??
George Looks for Home The Far East is West from Here! A Natty Hat and a Nifty Car! Well it went to a land down under.. 7 states in 7 entries: Wow!
Homing George Hawaii to Minnesota via London! Turning Japanese European WG fantasy??? What goes up...
Oklahoma to Thailand to BC, wow! 1/2 way round the world in 1/2 a yr Fast movin' from Hawaii to Canada Beach Bound Bill MI to Bora Bora & back :) Right
Airport Georges Really Fly! George Loves that Colder Weather Will Sir George get home?
Willow Grove, Cedar Grove, Buffalo Grove... If the town's a Grove, it belongs here!
Bummer Two grovers in two hours Glad it's not Cottage Cheese Garden Grove, Cal. Cottage Grove, Minn TWICE
Is Grover included? You don't say Well, not exactly... Looky what's in da Forest My gr-gr-gr-aunt grew in this Grove
I hope he didn't die of dehydration Created the category, got a hit! They're not herds anymore? Willow Grove - My old home town!
I've had that bill for weeks, maybe I'll enter it tomorrow.
how long can I carry george with me forgetfulness Big Wait From Big Boy Under a stack of papers Xmas procrastinator
Been packing it around "Carried it around" A "Savage" Procrastinator Found unpacking groceries? It's about time you remembered
Ya shoulda waited till Jesus comes. In Your Wallet For A Year? Appropiately Named Town Appropiately Named Town Procrastination as a lifestyle...
Still not sure it's free yet Prized and Organized Better late than never! Procrastination or willpower? Several Weeks Later
Makes you wonder why... I'll bet you got it in Aruba... We are procrastinators-we admit it. Gold Medal for Procrastination!! George gets paroled!
Just don't do it again! That cat must be hungry by now!! Sarah & Scott can double your money Lazy bowler! George escapes!
Rec'd as a tip a few years ago Looking at the Sea Over in England 2+ years captive- from WA to AZ 8 Months in a Long Beach Drawer In my wallet awhile
Uh oh, George disappeared Been on the fridge Threw George in a desk drawer
Sporting Georges
George goes to the Game! Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack!
redneck hunting traditions my story in a nutshell Pittsburgh sports, yeah!! Texas Motor Speedway Pittsburgh Teams! Yeah!
Go Pens!! Yankee stadium! Arena Football "Blue Horseshoe" George No joke, go Twins
College, curling, stripping! Casino, then hang gliding! Trap Indians Triple A Baseball Wood or Water?
Rodeo! Dale Jarrett souvenir trailer Indoor Competition Meet Wrestling George Skate Away
George Bowls Again George Goes Bowling George at an NFL game george lost his wooden teeth Biker to Biker
George pays off the refs!! George goes racing.
News of the Day
Entries Related to Current Events
New Orleans refugees Stolen bikes on campus E coli scare Marlins lose tonight City in a media spotlight
Sports logo controversy An important high court ruling George saves a life Hurricane Katrina The Proud Mom!
My buddy... Let's talk about ME! This is cool. The Terri Schiavo Fiasco George Follows Famous Footsteps
Lucky George Gone to the dogs. Hit at ALCS playoffs Overseas - the bill, or the ex? This George Speaks for Himself!
Shuttle Columbia Disaster Hurricane George Keeping it in the Family! Sexy White Hair Planet X will Change Everything!
Doesn't Your Household Have One? Goosen Takes 104th U.S. Open P.S. Fuggetaboudit! (Brooklynese) Picture those dancing feet He still feels like a buck though!
Riding with the Tour Guide! Oxymoron. Moron. Head Medicine Will the Mauve Gucci Work in Hell? Now *that's* bill tracking, babe!
...and I'm an Amberholic...? I vote for "Ben" myself... The Weather Report for Minot, ND! Hit on 9-11 Newborn Jack's 1st Cab Ride
2003 KC Royals season wrapup World Series 2003 Bush hasn't started WW III yet Did the food cause the flight? Twin tornados miss in MidWest
Cold North Dakota Winters?!? The D.C. Snipers FunnyCide Wins Kentucky Derby George ships out. No more birthdays
Another Blackout Hit Blackout of 2003
Poetic Georgers
George is a poet but he sure doesn't know it
I reject your reality Chai guy poem Cadillac Poetry Thus they too shall spend...? Sch-moo-zing?
Snoop Doggie 2 Huh? Fortune Cookie George? And yet, it was. Quite the "Man of the Metaphor"
Directions to the bathroom?? Snoop Doggy George! Someone get this guy a Prozac. Poetic But Not So Gramatic When Your Dollar Has Been Spent...
Poetic Aber in this case. No Writer's Block here! A poet, but doesn't know it... Now *that's* poetry baby! Truer words have ne'er been spoken.
Well.. that's to the point I guess How about a poetic city? ...don't dead end it... Roses are red... ...but how could I relinquish...?
George and I met for coffee...
Picture Entries
Here's how some Georgers express themselves artistically
Aces Full Mike Picturing...THE BILL ITSELF Ronald is Arrested Stunt George The Exterminator
NICE doggie!! Santa won't be back next year Fishing in the Vineyard Ronald gets caught Snowy Roll
Ascent/Descent of Man? Yellostone Park, and a Picture too! Firenze to Firenze CatSplat Fever Got a Barrel?
Pumpkin Puppies Is that a camel? May the George be with you! A Wild Abe (and friends!) Pig out!!
Blowin' in the wind... Hooray for Hollywood! Now that's a user note! E=Mc2 A picture is worth 1000 hits Greetings From Mars!
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Crazy or Happy? Which is it? Go Fly a Kite! Passion of the Christ Ticket Stubs Super Bowl 2004
The Mustard is up in Napa Valley This Planet has a Problem... Lemonade anyone ! =^= Roy =^= Hooray for the Red White and Blue
The Mrs. SilverMarc's Picture Entry
I wouldn't believe THAT if it jumped up and bit me.
Genuine TX BS!!! I believe SOME of this Entered by a cool person. Roundtrip Florida Marijuana is legal?????
THE Joey Buttafuco?? Why were you looking there? George is not a druggie I sense a business opportunity here Welcome to Hawaii
Hooters toilet bowl Tree...? You decide. Still in good condition (the bill?) From one nude place to another! We represent the Lolly Pop League
Huh? What? I know I stamped it... Wrong on so many levels. But I'm just trying to keep it Was she SuperFreaky? And then the LSD wore off...
Looked in a mirror lately pal? Blew from Washington to California Gay Nordic Georging. He got the "dum" right. It's a "Jonas George!"
He won't be needing it anyway. 94 MPH??? Does Abe have a jet ?? Crispy like fried chicken? Blame it on Rio I'm a professional...
Anatomy George-Too much Info for me Winnie the pooh Beware--scary clown under the bed Hardly a name to call a co-worker! Hope it's a Top Shelf bottle!
Hopefully it was just business Of a Biblical Magnitude
Totally Off the Wall
We can't begin to understand what floats their boats...
SF Hippies Crazy alien abduction story! Close your eyes, George! George is free Money finds nupes
Pronounced exactly as written! Freakin' Chunky So It Says This bill is going to be a parrot? Keyboard Repeat...Onnnnnnn!
Are you stalking me? Sold Wife Pen-pal George. Rambling Nonsense George runs from Batman!
Uhhhh.......??? Hope george didn't try to drive ...Charles?? A faithful dollar...?? Was he the bride or the groom? German Rats?
Uhh...what is? Dr. Who? something fishy about this one? Normal bill, worth $1.07 !? George was doing what exactly?
Tight Hamstrings? Yoga? George gets it in Brooklyn He musta been playing pool Raged? It Is. No, it's snot! I hope he's a golfer!
Erotic Variety Meat Is this a user note or singles ad? Yep, happened to me too once. I hear George is low-carb. Good to see you again, Agent Mulder
That's where I get -my- Georges! Go ahead, try to figure this out! So does overdosing on catnip. But I guess other bills did... Bum George
Watch out for that Blue Weed! Stream of Un-Consciousness... Greenbackville? For NASA crab? I can think of worse places! Let me tell ya 'bout my best friend
Wait.. Whose dad? What tastes good? Elvis has left the planet... Maybe the 1st Gibbering George! How would he know? Help! I'm Trapped!
That Bold Money Smell It's Not Your Father's Wall Street The Fiber Frolic!!! OK, I'm confused - An Abe or a Ben? George was really Hernando? What?
Killing for George? Sin is in the eye of the beholder Keep your eyes peeled I love this bill like no other Cheech and Chong?
That new car smell...? George and I are Naked Together Scary George Poetically Inclined? Just plain nasty
Hmm, Athlete's Foot anybody? FBI Dentistry Department Money Management Smells Funny Back on the street again
Duz gud spelin kount?
If yew cn reed this yore too cloase.
I needz spelin an gramer lessinz Abe--Man of Steel They don't serve that at my Do "Used like a $5 hore" Nobody at this "hi skool"
Can't even spell LETTERS right Why all the headeche? Flamer disguisdingly badd speling skillz. From an accosiate
Dis guy can't spell. Charles Manson? How's that spelled again? Perhaps 12 years wasn't enuf! What about spelling abilities?
Need English lessons? Store a buck! Spelling AND grammar When or Went? "Boos he pay me"
Thief or Thrift?? Weird spelling He's not an English major! Misspelled George but still entered Boggles the mind.
Slo town playaz do summtin...? Shud bye a diktionerry Yea, but you *really* need school Creative made-up word of the day And then promptly ran out of gas
Hope you don't teach grammar!! For to buy a hat in Suitland. Stay in school, kids. All your bases are belong to us? IS BEEN AT OH, apparently.
Results of Public Education I'd like to buy a "period" This one has liffle flods. Ook-a-MaKoo was a Neanderthal Man.. Folded and Fadded in the Wah!
Better stay in school !!! Convientient??? Texas A&M 4 U Bad Bad Grammar! Future College Graduate?? YIKES What fair?
Lots of Misspelled Fun in Allston Flodered and Riped Take the pen out of your mouth? From an accosiate whatdoesthissay?
It is whriten. Doesntthisdude haveaspacebar? Subways can do this fer u 2 !!! The sine of a gude edumacation Cute as the dickens
Iz this fer reele?
Foreign US Cities
George Travels the World Without Leaving the USA!
The Yukon Pa territory?? Oh, Toronto OH?? All roads lead to Rome. Venice, FLORIDA New Prague, Minnesota
Sparta in WISCONSIN Oh little town of... Not Uruguay, MINNESOTA I said Oslo, MINNESOTA New London, Minnesota
I said Lisbon NORTH DAKOTA I said Melbourne KENTUCKY Holland, Michigan TWICE Ich bin ein Berliner Two Purples in One Green
South and Central America Say Roo-Sha-Vill Pee-Roo George goes south of the border. But was he wearing a kilt?
On a Russian coffee? Swiss cheese on that pizza? Windmills, cheese and wooden shoes. George can be in 2 places at once?? A peice of Poland in Wisconsin
Parlez vous francais? Home of the Sausages...? Berlin, in New Jersey! Oklahoma Gold Rush? Canadian Captial Has Moved
Viva la France! Does George speak Italian? Ontario Moved for the Sunshine Napoleon slept here ... Alex in the Middle East
Poland in the "Show Me" state Lord Nelson to Assyria... Ancient Capital George? Venice - The Florida City of Canals A 2nd Moscow - in Pennsylvania
Louie XVI was the king of France... The Hat Capital of Europe They wear those wooden shoes right? The finish line was not in Poland I knew about GA but not WV
Bogota has moved -way- North! The Mysterious "AE" locale in ND Troy USA Florence USA Around the world in 43 days?
NY is full of these cities, Mon !!! Has anyone seen Helen ? The Beatles were from NY! The Capital of Ireland has moved Damascus is closer than you think!
Greetings From Neptune! From Ohio, with love... One sexy Havana (B)abe... Don't drink the water. Cairo's in Georgia too!
Cairo's Not in Egypt Anymore A different Lebanon x 2 The village of Jesus...East coast? Back in the U.S.S... A Not France
Berlin Lebanon Can you really buy anything at all? Liverpool moved too! The London of the East
Hebron Moved to Connecticut Drug Store in Holland The North Pole has moved to the USA G'Day from Florida Tropical Forest in Missouri
Wounded in Rome There's a Belfast here too Not much to say in Peru Venus de Georgeo Egyptian Bazaar
George sagt hallo aus Deutschland! Planetary Travels Does "Off-World" Count? Arrivederci Georgio! A different word for EVERYTHING
THIS is Mexico?!? Bagdad USA Denmark, USA
George visits those misplaced US cities no matter where they try to hide!
Where Bill and Hillary live. Oregon, Wisconsin. Rochester, Pa?? Liverpool - The Fab Four! Oh, -that- Versailles
"Not to be confused with...&qu Houston, MINNESOTA George goes fishing. At the end of the trail Wherever you may Rome...
George views the Great Red Spot. I've been everywhere, man! Cat got George's tongue? Taken over the whole state! Superman is a Georger!!
George goes down the toilet. Shrinking State of Wyoming Where Mary-Kate and Ashley live. George gets himself clean. George views the Nothern Lights.
Movies are made in Florida?? George makes it to paradise. Or-we-gone to Illinois?? Zion St. pizza to Zion, IL pizza! From Denver to...Denver??
Hoosier Daddy...? Rough and Ready, We're in... Strange music biz? Oh, yes ... it's not NJ No bragging on this trip
So much for Holy Redemption... A state within a state I thought that was in Oregon A rather odd place What a name for a town!
New way to go in Michigan Where the NORMAL people live Musta been Injuns - To the Fort! New spot for your American Express Our Nation's Capitol - Centralized
Wait persons are flocking here! Too much booze? Too far away? Carrie Nation's hometown Thought it was just a state... Is this where Mr. Rogers Went?
A hick town if ever there... Yum! More Latex please! An explosive place There really IS such a place? Actually, Closer to the East Coast
Something to Brighton up my day Quick bite from the Big Apple A Saint Goes A-Swimming Must have been named by mistake! Middlesex County Cloned
The Golden State, Old Line State Symmetry! Such an obsessive! ;-) Santa is a Georger!! Oklahoma. Not Kansas. OK? Island hopping. Or maybe bounding.
Is this town near Lost Wages? California East The Far Far East... City-States? People as Places
Love Those Lakes! Martha's Inn, George, WA The Big Apple - Midwest! Midwest Buffalo? Phoenix left a forwarding address
Sin City went where? Detroit...not Michigan Manhattan has moved to the Midwest Heading for the Hills Hastings, Oswego, Hastings, Oswego!
Avon to Nova - Mirror Image Cities
Low Mileage Georges
Slowpokes with several hits who barely left town
12 miles in 7 years. 6 Hits In Illinois Since 2005 Staying Near the Air Force Academy That's metro NYC traffic for ya 7 year itch
Hanging Around Arkansas Love Ludlow Massachusetts 5 Years and Zero Miles A San Francisco Bill Loves TN Hanging in Houston
Never Left Town 7 Entries Only 194 Miles 2.9 Miles in 3 years. Not far, and back where it started Just Hanging Out in Connecticut!
40 miles in 3-1/2 years! Round on Both Ends From New to Worn in 1.6 Miles! I could crawl further in two years! Michigan Wanderer
Lotsa hits in one state Bored students project... 11 miles in 3 years... Arkansas Traveler? Touring the Land of Lincoln
Zapped in North Dakota Your Secret Is Out! 8 entries around Boston Stuck in St. Charles Philadelphia to the 5th power
13 Miles! 5 hits, 201 Days, 3 Towns He found a town he liked and stayed 14 Miles! 5 Hits, 313 Days, 2 Towns
Colorful Places
George visits cities, towns, hamlets and villages with a Color in its name.
Hard 8- Vegas George! Black River Falls, Wisc. Whitehall, Wisconsin Redfield, South Dakota Blacklick, Ohio
Green Bay, Wisc. Red Wing, Minnesota Blackduck, Minn. Not Apples Thanks, bro!
What more can I say? Can't Burn This One Seasonal Shade Dive in! Sling-apore
Dark Green Can't See The Forest Where Michael Jackson lives? Apparently someone ate licorice... George's backside
What color? Use your imagination! Wow!Greenville Ave to Greenville,TX This George went to...Georgetown! It's that is.... X-Mas time is here-dingdingding
British palace turns green I'll drink to that! Well, it's a pattern if not a color Is this town near Dan Akroyd VA? Kind of a Light Brown I'd guess...
It looks blue from space too! A different shade of Orange? An Achromatic Color... Black, the absence of color... White, the mix of all colors...
An Intense Shade of Red A Beautiful Shade of Blue An East Coast Orange City Blue would be nice for our bell Orange you glad I posted this?
Ben goes to White City Bland is the "color" of this place Let's paint the town kind of red!
Honest... I found it on the Moon!
I found this bill in a really cool faraway city, but I entered it back home in boring old Anytown, USA.
London or never left Minnesota? Trip to Mars "I'm in Argentina, now&qu O'Hare? Or just HERE? Disneyworld, maybe?
Overshot Virgin Islands what kind of "greece?" Went two cool places, neither shows You brought it home? Still don't have Florida
Hot Mexican Honeymoon! Mama in the Sahara Magical George I guess we'll see about that! What star does planet Vegus orbit??
Even further away than the moon! Why???? Bill Why Did You Bring It Back!? Where'd you find it?
Didn't have Aruba. Still Don't. Don't You Just HATE These... Buried for 199 days? Couldn't stay for the cheese? Thanks for bringing it back...Grrrr
George...Supposedly in Tokyo? George is seeing the world!!! A Martian from Ord? Nope, try Ork! George heads for the Border! And I *REALLY* wanted a hit in NV!!
That's some odd bait... I wish... And I really NEED Nevada! Costa Rica my eye! George Honeymoons in Tokyo
Hawaii!! Or not... George the sun worshipper Uhhh... Where? It's in Lithuania Sure fits the category!
Chatterbox Georges
These Georges have an awful lot to say!
While I work on the power lines. Yes, *someone* wanted to know too many decisions Difference of opinion "Avacodo Crisis" And More
Everybody loves ROLAND User actually ran out of words Now you'll know it all Is this reall? Chatty In MI with no Toilet Paper
Freakin' Out in MO I'm spent just reading it! Beer, Shrooms, & Snow! How about a 7,000 word essay? Everybody Please be Quiet!
Sterile Georges
Plenty of Hits but "George Ain't Talkin!"
Mute, Low Mileage, loves Fontana! C'mon George, don't be shy! 7665 Miles Without a Peep George, please say something Mum's the word
Quiet George
Love & Kisses
George whispers "Sweet Nothings" in someone's ear...
Simply Said... Love's consequences I'll love her some 4 U Juggling women "Damn, that girl was flexible&
And did your cargo impress her? Met her on the INTERNET, baby First date bill Boyfriend knew where to take her! Hey, I'll pay you for it
'X' Dance I love what you've done! Who, me? This Mai Tai is on me! How cute....
& condoms? Everyone loves George! She said Yes Interesting Match for George Mr Hamilton is a Player!!
What a Choice! He was known for those eyes! She's not playing hard to get! Everybody Loves George Women must love those wooden teeth
Lovely Abe! George shares the love! George gets a smooch!! Ladies, This Abe is Single! About this bill...
You know it's true
Those Fabulous Fifties
The Hits Would Keep on Coming - If They Weren't So Hard to Get!
Odd, but a hit The south prints its own fifties Grant drunk in the shower again Grant takes...Nairobi? And spent $50 at the Emergency Room
Rebecca's Graduation gift :) This 50 runs with a bad crowd! I suggested this category! Fast 50! This Ulysses is on the Move! Those West Coast Girls are Hip...
Those Big Bens!
Hits on Hundreds, C-Notes, Ben Franklins, and the rest can just step aside
Ben Goes to the Devil Speedy Drink then Drive Ben Ben's been asleep a long time! Almost 4 Years for this Benjamin A quick trip from bank to boat
Franklin Frees Floridian Ben attracts chicks! Off to "Lost Wages" Ben Escaped From the Bank Too! Ben buys a heifer!
From Sin City to the Midwest... First $100 hit, best user note Old-style Ben serves privately Ben woke up after a long nap $98 meal ?
Found a Wild Ben! Industrial Bellybutton's 200th Mom's $100 wins at Blackjack! Hundred Bucks Still Going Strong!
Time is Money
Unusual Travel Time and Date Coincidences
Abilene, TX to Dubuque, IA Twenty Two Rules! Hit 4200 + 4400 (Does this count?) On his birthday 3 out of 4 aint bad
111 days, 11 hrs, 11 mins, 11 mpd twenty twos to you too two twenty two too This guy can't tell time! 11 minutes
A BIG Snoozer long time sleeper One minute too late! Like Clockwork-Almost to the minute Ageing George
It's The Beast...666!! Once a year, so far 1000 miles on the nose 141 Miles in 141 Days 100, 10, 10 on 10th day of month!
No Hours. No Minutes. No Seconds. This George only visits in July! This Series 1969 is one old George! SuperSonic Alex! 1,266 MPD! 11 days, 11 hours, and 11 minutes
Not serendipitous, but still cool 3 Years exactly (or so it says...) 100 Days to the minute! How did it know? 33 days, 3 hours, 3 minutes
1 Year on the mark 2nd hit = 2 days, 2 hours, 2 minute And on the 7th Day George Rested 23...23...23...23 18 Days, 18 Hours, 18 Minutes
5 Hours one bill, two nifty time travels! 94 days even 1 year, 1 day, 1 hour, 1 minute 3 times 15 equals 45
Countdown time 30 days, even Christmas Magic Almost Precisely One Year
Significant Milestones
Oldest... Fastest... Sleepiest... and so on
50 State Bingo, 10 Years Of WG! Two Utility Bills In A Row--Weird! Two New Year's Eve Hits--Weird Hit in 4 hours, 33 minutes Just couldn't believe it
A wonderful, memorable day 7 year sleeper WOW 50 minutes I'll never beat My longest sleeper-over 6 years! 1500th Bill W/ Hit
A Sleepy Andy - 5 Years 309 Days 5 Years and 37 Days - Comatose! Ryan-Deer's 4000th Milestone Bill - #1000 Entry to Hit in under 6 hours!
Two hits in less than a day!!! 5 Years 134 Days! Whatta Sleeper! Raggedy but 11 hits! Going Strong! Double hitter in less than 6 hours! A Double Hitter in less than a Day!
Ended up in someone's Drawer 5 Yrs, 12 Days - Sleepiest for now! Two hits, two new states 5 years asleep - Less than 3 miles! Unmarked I woke up 2 years 249 days
If you Nag they will come. Sleeper worth a mention My first stealth bill to get a hit Sleeper of the "Century" 7 hits, Only 683 miles
4 Years, 181 Days, 3 Hrs, 16 Mins 4 Years, 151 Days, 22 Hrs, 45 Mins 4 Years, 80 Days, 19 Hours This may be the 1st George!
First Bill Hit
The First is always the Best!
Try explaining this to your wife... Seven Hours, WOW! First $2 hit and international hit! Been There, Done That 1st Bill & Hit - Under 23 Hours!
My First Franklin! My start: First wild I ever found First International Hit! Yay!!! Yay first hit! First out of state hit--California!
ATM's First Hit! - 2003 =^=ROY=^='s 1st Bill & 1st Wild Rob's 1st - 7 Days 2006 Miles! 1st hit in less than 48 hours! George prefers FL sunshine!
First hit came on Christmas Eve!! First hit was a 2 hit day George hit the NYS thruway! 1st hit, 2-hit, 3-hit, & 4-hitter! First wild + first hit = addict
My first user note.. gee thanks... 1st Hit for PsychProf 8 days and on my 20th bill entered Night Hawks first hit To the next town to get his fix...
Christopher's first quick hit Timothy (in VA)'s first hit! SpiritWing's First Hit Ah, the first time! Mr. Amanda's 1st hit
Took almost 3 years!!! Charlie V's first hit First hit and first two hitter! A star of a hit Gideons first hit!
Mikul's first hit! Took me sevral months, but i got it SilverMarc's Hit # 1
First Georged Bill
Our Very First Marked Bills (just one post to a customer of course!)
The addiction begins! We'll never see this one again This site it a joke! My first entry, no luck so far!! Wild bill that turned me on to WG
George, where are you? Missing in action for 4 years Yosemite's 1st was a Wild! Rowan still waiting for a hit The bill that got me Addicted
Skeptic's 1st Bill My first wild but not my first bill Must be still snoozin' away. My first wild that hooked me on WG Mr. Amanda's 1st entered.
First Entry, First Hit, C-Note Still Hitless on SilverMarc's 1st Crappy pen = forever hitless? Chris from Pontiac Michigan
Commemorative Georges
Bill Entries in memory of fellow Georgers who have shuffled off this mortal coil
Happy Homeless Fellow President Ford's Funeral Happer note, A HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL Now Nikes advertising on money? Idaho! Just DE,HI,SD to go
I lived on Wood St.Chitow. til 1982 Red Sox make history Congratulations! George is gonna need AA soon!!! 1st Hit on a "Tillman" Bill
World Trade Center Bill Remembering our troops. Remembering the Columbia Astronauts Anceint Chineese Secret George C. Memorial Ballon Bill
In Memory of Major Splinter 1 of 43 Columbia Memorial Bill I Still Miss Mitch! Maxwell Q. worked for this Squadron A Bill for Savur
For Jerry in the Desert A Mitch bill in good condition Not actually dead, only lurking... STS-107 Memorial Bill Hit #4 M I T C H Memorial Bill Hit #14
Fair thee well Columbia RIP RIP Roger of Severn, MD Fly George Fly In Memory of Mitch First Mitch Memorial Bill Hit
In Memory of Len from Salem, OR Jerry in the Desert Memorial Hit In Memory of an Unknown Georger In Memory of Savur. R.I.P
GeoCache Georges
The Search Goes On
Escape from a GeoCache! GeoCache sleeper From library to Geocache what next? Does that make this a Tree-ocache?? The evils of Geocaching redux
Out of a cache-back to circulation Didn't begin as Cache cash The Evils of GeoCaching!

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